14 Dec 2017, Thursday

Ignored Minister’s instruction, roads has not been reformed in Sylhet

By Shah Sharif Uddin

Published : 2017-11-04 01:46:38

Updated : 2017-11-13 09:16:38

The Road Transport and Bridge Minister Obaidul Quader instructed all engineer of Sylhet on 21 October ‘all roads in Sylhet, must reform within ten days. No excuse of rain or anything else will be granted.’

The minister's instruction already been crossed on Tuesday 31 October, but not a single road has been reformed in Sylhet.

For this reason the general people are getting frustrated day by day.  A resident of 'Arnab' area beside Mirermoydan in Sylhet Musahidul Islam Uzzal said that 'it is being difficult for passersby to travel the roads. But the roads remained same because of carelessness and irresponsibility of authorities.

On the other hand, the road and highway authority, Sylhet and the Sylhet City Corporation authority said that, this is a long process. But they are trying to reform all the roads in Sylhet as soon as possible

After visiting the spot it was seen that,  half of the work is still remaining undone  of Mirermoydan-Subidbazar road, carpeting of Chowhatta-Ambarkhana road were halfly done and then stopped, Chowhatta-Mirbox Tula road is still undergoing constuction works which seems very time consuming.

According to a source from Road and Highway Office, Sylhet,  Improvement  work on Sylhet-Volaganj Road was started from 5 june of 2016 and it will  end on 5 April 2019,  and its budget is four hundred and forty one crore divided into two projects. Sylhet-Golapgonj-Carkhai-Zakigonj Road's tender application has already been submitted. And for this road's improvement work the budget is one hundred and seventy three crore. Golapgonj-Vadeshor Road's tender also has been submitted and the budget is twenty seven crore. on the contrary the roads of Sylhet-Tamabil, Daudpur-Vadeshor, Tilagor-Shahi Eidgah's tender for reforming roads  have already been  published.

The Chief Engineer of the Sylhet City Corporation Nur Azizur Rahman Said, it is a long and time consuming work. But we are trying to finish this as early as possible. Unfortunately the rain is creating problem.

The Executive Engineer of the Road and Highway Office, Sylhet,  Utpal Samanto said, it is a continuing process.  We have done reform work of some roads. But due to rain big holes were seen again on the roads, the holes again will be reformed. Even Sylhet-Golapgonj-Carkhai-Zakigong Road, Golapgonj-Vadeshor Road improvement work will start soon, Moreover tender has also been published of some roads and work will start soon.

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