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Rejaul Abedin invented Quality Service Models

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Published : 2018-01-02 16:35:56

The Modelsare EQSERV, TQSM, SQGAPFILL and Quality Service Circle was invented by Researcher, Writer REJAUL ABEDIN, Ph.D. (USA) and Assistant Director of Finance at North East University Bangladesh, CEO Founder of ThoughtWares Consulting &MSI ,Sylhet.
Why this type of formula and models should apply in the area of service industries, asked to Researcher REJAUL ABEDIN, he replied this is because in Bangladesh, India and some other countries including Asia, Africa, Europe and other parts of the world the higher educational institutions are rapidly increasing and delivering their degrees rapidly to the students or participants but some of them are not properly maintaining their educational standard and quality education.
On the other hand, other service sectors are increasingly becoming the core of most of the country’s economy. Service industries are such as Private Universities, Private Colleges, Private Medical Hospitals and Clinics, Service sector in Employment (Human Skill Development Service), Financial Services (Insurance, Banks & Financial Institutions), Mass Media, Telecommunication, Hospitality/Tourism, Information Technology, Real Estate, Legal Services, Consulting Services, Government Sector Services,  and other Service oriented industries. 
So, these service sectors deserve extra care on quality service development.  But it is also observed that some institutions are in financial crisis or limited budget constraints rather they have policies to ensure top quality education to the students, here in this segment the “EQSERV” (Economic Quality Service) Model will be very much useful. 
To judge the overall quality in each and every area of service industry the “TQSM” (ThoughtWares/Total Quality Service Measurement) will be more than helpful. Here in this “TQSM” formula the evaluation Criteria Tables will be available for ratings that based on the fair rating points, the potentialities focus herefor service development.
The “SQGAPFILL” (Service Quality Gap Fill) model is more than beneficial to find the gaps in the each potential area where quality service should improve. The other oneis “Quality Service Circle” where 7 (steps) identified to keep the concerned peoples understand on real Quality Service Circle so that service circle through quality can be implemented. On the basis of the above issues, the four Quality models has been innovated by him. 
For more details, can be read out at http://www.twcmsi.org/quality-service

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