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Apu Biswas's 'Shoshurbari Zindabad 2'

By Desk Report

Published : 2018-02-11 00:38:47

Glamorous actress Apu Biswas has signed for a new film titled 'Shoshurbari Zindabad 2'.

Bappy Chowdhury will cast opposite Apu in the film directed by Debashish Biswas which is the sequel of 'Shoshurbari Zindabad'.

Debasish Biswas, son of famed filmmaker Dilip Biswas, directed the movie 'Shoshurbari Zindabad ' in 2001 which starred Riaz and Shabnoor, and became a commercial hit.

The film will be made under the banner of Bengal Multimedia Ltd. The director, however, did not clarify that when the cinematography of the film will be started. 

"I was waiting for a good story. Now, I get that one. Hope that it will be a great movie," Apu Biswas said about the film.

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