25 Apr 2018, Wednesday

Science, Logic and ‘Ekjon Aroj Ali’

By Kawsar Ahmed Abeer

Published : 2018-02-11 00:42:00

Updated : 2018-02-11 00:49:02

I have gone through ‘Ekjon Aroj Ali’ (একজন আরজ আলী) at a stretch in a single sitting and I just couldn't pause for a little while driven by an unquenchable thirst for the curiosity to know what's about to happen eventually.

It was really pretty amazing and mesmerizing the way writer has drawn the conclusion of the tale in the end.

Human life is full of myriads of mysteries and the people from the remote rural areas of this country is still indulged in meaningless superstitions which is now-a-days hardly acceptable to many men of this era of advanced technology.

Writer Anamul Haque has been able to provide us with some sheer scientific interpretation and explanation to the so-called mysteries and superstitions which the traditional villagers used to believe blindly and whole-heartedly.

Writer successfully broken down the wall of ignorance possessed by them through the unbeatable logic and practical experiment of a truth-seeking medical professional who maintains an amazing relationship with books round the day except for his assigned teaching period.

And the way how writer has unveiled the identity of an absconded criminal in the guise of an Imam whom the illiterate village people used to be afraid of was seriously overwhelming, I reckon.